Iron Removal Plant


Many water have exceed contain of iron which may be harmful to domestic and industrial application. Presence of iron in the water will change the colour & taste of water. Iron exists in the following forms Insoluble iron, soluble iron, Organic iron and Combination of all. Using Manganese dioxide and other supporting media iron remove from water. Manganese dioxide work as strong oxidize agent.

Our simple but well engineered dual media filter acclaims stringent design, High performance, less pressure drop across the bed, longevity, optimum utilization of surface area ensure us to gain more and more client’s satisfaction.

  • Material of construction MS/FRP/MSRL/SS
  • Designed as per ASME or IS
  • Available in Vertical & Horizontal
  • Improve taste of water
  • High removal of color & odor
  • High removal chlorine of the water
  • Well designed collection system
  • Well designed distribution system
  • High end water quality
  • 24/7 Customer service