Drinking Water Plant

We ensure excellent performance, stringent designs, smooth operations and durability to our clients. Our RO plants are cost-effective because they need low maintenance. Less membrane fouling, long life of membrane and maximum recovery of permeate bring customer delight.

Our RO systems remove the dissolved contaminations up to the maximum possible extent. High-speed pressure pumps and best in the class semi-permeable membranes achieve great results.

What makes our RO plants special

  • Wide range of plants from .25KLPH to 50KLPH
  • Well-organized design
  • Complete monitoring and tracking system
  • The maximum TDS removal
  • Long life of membranes and reduced fouling of membrane
  • Excellent water quality
  • Smooth operations and low maintenance requirement
  • Plug and play
  • Cost effective and useful

Applications of RO-treated water

1. In manufacturing processes (Drinking Water Plant,Dm Water)
2. Boiler feeds
3. To polish treated water
4. Hospitals and labs


  • Plug and play type system.
  • Plants range start from 0.25 KLPH to 50 KLPH.
  • Material of Construction FRP/SS/MSRL.
  • Equipped  with all monitoring and controlling system.
  • High end water quality on optimum recovery.
  • High amount of TDS removal.
  • Well design pre filtration ensure smooth operation.
  • Long membrane life & Less membrane fouling.
  • 24/7 Customer service