DM Water Plant


We manufacture DM plant that is fabricated using superior grade raw material in the production process making them durable. Each vessel has chambers that are capable of standing high atmospheric pressures, making the vessels long-lasting. Our DM Plant is manufactured using the latest scientific techniques to make it effective while de-mineralizing water easily. We manufacture and source the components from reliable vendors to make for an efficient filtering mechanism inside the DM Plant that is very effectual in operation.

Uses :
"    Pharmaceutical industry
"    Food processing industryv4
"    Effluent treatment
"    Electronic industry
"    Breweries
"    Beverage industry

The range of cation and anion exchange units are up to a flow rate of 9.7m3/hr and the units employ both normal and counter-flow regeneration. These smaller standard units are skid mounted. For smaller units material of construction can be moulded FRP and for larger units SS or MS with or without rubber lining.

Control valves are 5-cycle multi part valve and for larger units, a frontal manifold with individual corrosion-resistant valves. System can be manual, semiautomatic or automatic depending upon the requirement of client.

The larger units are designed and manufactured to suit the client's requirements. The larger units typically can cope with flow rates up to 100m3/hr.

Acid and caustic used for regeneration of the anion and cation resins. For ultra-pure water, additional mixed bed polishers can be provided depending upon the applications.