About Us

INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY is a family-owned company with over eight years of combined water treatment experience, carries the highest quality, Water Treatment System, RO systems, replacement filters, tanks, cooling tower, infill and designer faucets on the market.We also import quality products from German,China,Japan,Tailand many other's.Our systems are assembled right here in the Bangladesh. Our trained professionals are available to help you by email or phone. We take pride in offering the best products for the best prices. We look forward to serving you.
OUR VISION: Our vision is focused on excellence, the highest quality and to be a leader in technology. We redefine quality day by day, continuously to provide world class products with services and setting higher and higher standard of customer oriented quality.
QUALITY POLICY: Customer satisfaction through quality products and service achieved by highly trained and committed team and their consistent adherence to systems, procedures and their improvement